There is nothing quite as much fun as a Surge® workout unless it is a Surge® workout with a partner. Partners and the Surge® Storm are both unpredictable in nature and have the ability to be both resistive and assistive. Hydro-Inertia® – the dynamic movement of water – will add core stability challenges, and your partner will add balance challenges and lots of fun!

 Fill your Surge® Storm with the appropriate amount of water, grab a partner and let’s jump right into four unique, creative, and challenging alternatives to traditional partner play.


Partner Lunge and Load

Place the Surge® Storm on end between you and your partner. Each partner places one hand on top of the end cap. One partner lunges forward, tilting the Surge® in the same direction. The opposite partner simultaneously lunges back, keeping the hand on the end cap. Alternate this forward/back lunge for multiple reps on one leg, then switch sides for an equal number of reps. Stabilize the core as the water oscillates on each tilt.


Partner Plank Challenge

Start standing, facing each other with the Surge® held horizontally. Each partner holds one handle with inside hand. Squat then jump back to plank while lowering the Surge® and placing it on the ground. Perform a biased push up while holding onto the handle. Then, release the inside hand and rotate to a side plank -- high five each other – repeat the push-up and jump back to standing. After 4 – 5 reps on one side, switch sides and repeat.        


Partner Push/Pull Lunge 

Stand facing each other, holding the Surge® Storm by the end caps. Both partners step back into a long lunge and hold. Push and pull the Surge® back and forth, trying to keep the water quiet and the Surge® level while maintaining balance. After 20 – 30 seconds on one leg, step back together and repeat on the other leg.


Partner Seated Transfer

Sit facing each other with knees bent. One partner holds the Surge® Storm in front of the chest. Tilt diagonally 3x, stabilizing the core as the water crashes on each tilt. Then, place the Surge® down next to the hip, and slide it to your partner who then picks up the Surge® by the handles and repeats the same tilt, water crash, and slide. After 3 – 4 sets in one direction, reverse the direction and repeat.


Mindy Mylrea is a Hedstrom Fitness and BOSU® Master Trainer and is the creator of numerous programs, including Fluid Strength, Gliding Discs and Tabata GX. Her non-profit, One Day to Wellness, shares wellness and fitness programs across the nation.