Let’s face it. Medicine balls have been around, well, forever. And yes, they are still a fun piece of equipment that is common in almost every gym or facility. But is there something better out there? Yes! The Kamagon® Ball is a much better functional training tool.

Here are the top three reasons to put the med ball back on the rack, and pick up the Kamagon® Ball instead!

1: The U-shaped handles.

Unlike a medicine ball, the Kamagon® Ball has two handles, which provide extraordinary benefits. The handles create a center of mass outside of the hand, creating challenges for the nervous system unlike a med ball or even dumbbells. The handles allow for replicating life movements such as picking up a gym bag, walking the dog, or holding onto a moving child’s hand. The handles also allow for numerous grips and a huge variety of exercises. Swinging, tossing, and flipping actions are fun ways to add variety to your workout!


2: Versatility-Just add water!

Because water provides the weight, you don’t need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment that vary from light to heavy. Literally, just add (or subtract) water! As a trainer that travels between many different clients’ homes, the Kamagon® Ball is one piece of equipment that I can utilize quickly and effectively with a variety of individuals. The water also provides us with the number one reason to skip the medicine ball, which is my third point...

3: Hydro-Inertia®

Hydro-Inertia® is how the water is utilized inside the Kamagon® Ball. Because water is one of the most dynamic and versatile compounds on earth, it provides an unstable environment as it sloshes around inside the Kamagon®. And in this case, it also provides resistance. This means that you will automatically recruit more muscle fibers for exercises performed using the Kamagon® Ball when compared with other resistance tools such as medicine balls. From powerful, explosive exercises to slow and controlled balance movements, water provides kinesthetic feedback or an awareness element that helps improve both fitness and proprioception. Sometimes we refer to this muscle recruitment or activation as “sneaky core work.” You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll feel a single leg deadlift in your mid-section when trying to keep the water “quiet” as you move through the exercise, or how challenging it is to recover from a dynamic lateral lunge to a static one-leg balance drill!


So there you have it! Keep the medicine ball on the rack and pick up a Kamagon® Ball for your next workout. It’s amazing how incorporating a new, fun toy into your exercise routine can enhance your workout!

Pam Benchley is a Hedstrom Fitness Master Trainer for BOSU®, Kamagon® and Surge®, and a provider of many other workshops including Stages® Indoor Cycling, balance training, and functional/active aging training. Pam currently serves on the faculty at the State University of New York at Fredonia and is a competitive triathlete.