Want ahhh-mazing upper body muscle definition but are stuck in a rut with a traditional “arm day” approach like low-weight, high-rep dumb bell curls, presses and rows? Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these exercises!  However, they tend to isolate the muscle group rather than create a dynamic from of resistance that puts more of your body to the test. Try this Arm, Shoulder and Back Attack Workout which capitalizes on the crashing water motion that the Surge® Storm creates to challenge your biceps, triceps, traps, back, core and more! Bonus factor – the water motion also kicks up your heart rate and, ultimately, burns for calories!

One of the practical benefits of the Surge® Storm is that it can be filled with just enough water to meet you at the exact point in your fitness journey. Empty, the Surge® Storm it weighs 10 pounds, filled to the maximum suggested level, it weighs around 60-ish pounds. While I usually suggest lifting on the heavier side, keep in mind that the fluid movement inside this exercise apparatus makes everything seem exponentially harder.  I put in only 2 gallons of water for 26.75 pounds for myself. However, you can add more or less by referencing the fill chart. Keep in mind, if you go “less,” you still need to put in some amount of water or the benefits of dynamic water resistance will be lost. The compact Surge 3.0 which boasts similar perks, just in a smaller size, weighs in a 4.25 pounds empty and 23 pounds filled to the recommended maximum.

You can watch the videos to get a visual on how to perform the moves and/or read the instructions for each below:

Steering Wheel: Standing with feet shoulder-distance apart and core engaged, hold Surge® Storm on the two-handle side and raise arms straight in front. Surge® Storm will be in 9am and 3pm position; slowly tilt until in 10am and 4pm position, return to start, and then tilt the other way to 7am and 1pm position. 20 “Turns” (10 each directions).

Food Server Curl: Standing with feet shoulder-distance apart and core engaged, hold Surge® Storm on the two-handle side and extend arms forward to shoulder level with elbows slightly bent, as if you were passing a tray of food. Bring elbows back by sides and then lower to start position. 10 Reps.

Upper Cut Lunge: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hold Surge® Storm by both handles with arms straight. In one continuous motion, step right leg forward into lunge and lift Surge diagonally across the body, pausing over the opposing shoulder with Surge parallel to ground. Swing back down on a diagonal across body as you step back out of lunge. 20 reps (10 each side).

Sumo High Pull: Stand in a wide stance, feet further than shoulder distance apart. Hold Surge® Storm in center of single handle side with thumbs of both closed fists touching. Pull Surge to shoulders, raising your elbows high, aiming for ears. Reverse the motion to return to the starting position. 10 Reps.

Arm March Press: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hold Surge® Storm by both handles. Curl Surge to chest and lift arms partially upward until elbow reach shoulder height and are bend at 90-degree angle (start position). Lift one arm a “step” higher, water will crash to the opposing side. Lift opposing arm up a step to meet first arm. Continue stepping or “marching” upward until arms are fully extended overhead. Lower down with the same process to the start position. 10 “Marches” (5 up and 5 down).

Wide Grip Curl: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hold Surge® Storm at outer edges, griping fingers under the rim. Start with arms extended downward and raise Surge upward toward chest while bending at the elbows and engaging the biceps. Return to start position. 10 Reps.

Jennifer Fisher is an award-winning recipe developer, food & fitness blogger, healthy cooking coach, mom of three young men and elite athlete for 25 years and counting. While she trains to perform her best, Jennifer also recognizes the importance of #keepingfitfun and shares workouts, tips and ideas with this mindset to encourage people of all ages and abilities to start and maintain a “forever” healthy lifestyle. Find more at TheFitFork.com and @thefitfork on most social media.