From boosting serotonin levels to improving posture, incorporating movement throughout our daily lives can be immensely beneficial to our wellbeing. As I’m sure you have heard recently, we should be taking movement breaks often during our day. This includes while being home with our children; in fact, moving with our kids is a great way to set a positive example for the next generation.

With these next few movement ideas for you and your kids, we will be using the Kamagon® Ball. Movement with your kids should be fun and can incorporate elements of learning. While it is important for you to feel physically challenged, bear in mind that these movement breaks are more for building a stronger relationship with your children and teaching them that movement should be an important part of every day.

In case you haven’t worked out with a Kamagon® Ball before, let me explain the unique properties of this fun fitness tool. The Kamagon® Ball is filled with water, thus utilizing the properties of Hydro-Inertia®. Using water creates an unstable resistance that replicates real life situations more than a stabilized weight would. To find out more about how (and why) Hydro-Inertia® works, please read our blog “Hydro-Inertia® - Why It’s So Great!” 

Since the Kamagon® Ball is full of water weight, you want to ensure the safety of your child while you use the ball. The movements should be fun and playful, but avoid using movements where the ball could be accidentally released and hit your child. To see more options for Kamagon® Ball exercises, please view our website and social media feeds: Facebook and Instagram.

Follow the Leader

  1. Face your child while holding the Kamagon® Ball at your chest (your child does not need equipment).
  2. You squat and then your child follows suit.
  3. You squat and add an overhead press with a water crash. Your child follows your example.
  4. You squat, overhead press, and chest press crash. Your child follows.
  5. Continue to add on motions until your child (or yourself!) cannot remember the order.

Russian Twister

  1. Start with your child on your left side and squat.
  2. Rotate right and then left.
  3. Have the child take the Kamagon® Ball from you and run to your right side.
  4. Take the Kamagon® Ball back and rotate left then right.
  5. Have the child take the Kamagon® Ball from you and complete the circle.
  6. Repeat while holding the squat as long as you can. Feel free to count the circles your kid completes or use each circle as a letter in the alphabet.

Round and Round

  1. Start facing your child while holding the Kamagon® Ball by one handle.
  2. Lift the opposite leg off the ground for a single-leg deadlift while lowering the Kamagon® Ball towards the ground.
  3. Hold the position while your child crawls under your leg and runs back to the front.
  4. Move into a single-leg balance while completing a biceps curl with the Kamagon® Ball to enter into a rack position.
  5. Complete an overhead shoulder press while your child does a jump of their choice.
  6. Continue this pattern, trying to keep the water as quiet as possible.

Simon Says

Break down a drill into tiny movements for your directions in this game. Repeat the same directions to see how many “reps” of the drill you can get in!

Jessica Maurer is a Hedstrom Fitness Master Trainer. While her background is in dance, she has found her passion in fitness education, with a concentration in program development and social media. She is the co-creator of LOK Fitness and a Master Trainer for BOSU® & Lebert Training Systems.