Using the Kamagon® Ball as a resistance tool is a fun way to get away from traditional weighted equipment. The amount of water inside the ball can be adjusted to make it lighter or heavier, and will obviously move around inside. The water movement within the Kamagon® Ball creates Hydro-Inertia®, which can enhance the difficulty of an exercise and increase muscle activation.

With any piece of equipment, understanding how to use it to full potential is key. With the Kamagon® Ball, the following five water actions and exercises are the perfect place to start learning. Each are simple to do and even easier to understand.

  1. Quiet: Just as it sounds, the water within the Kamagon® stays quiet or unmoving inside the ball as you execute an exercise. For example, holding the Kamagon® with both handles, squat and press the ball overhead and back down without moving the water inside. This requires stabilization throughout the body.


  1. Slosh: To slosh the water, move the ball quickly in a small side-to-side motion. Let’s use the same overhead press exercise. This time, add the side-to-side motion to create a challenge while lifting and lowering the ball. Notice the increased core activation throughout the move!


  1. Oscillate: Hold the ball with a two-handle or two-hand ball grip. Move the water in a circular motion to create oscillation. The bigger the movement and the further away the ball is from the body, the harder the exercise becomes. Try this “around the world” exercise with smaller range of motion to make it easier, and full range of motion to make it harder.


  1. Crash: An acceleration of the water with a quick stop creates the crashing action. Gripping the ball or the handles with both hands, push the ball forward and back in an explosive manner to crash the water inside. Briefly pause the action at the end of each rep, stabilizing the upper body and core. A crash can also be created with an up and down slamming motion. Notice the increased muscle activation, especially within the core, to keep the Kamagon® Ball in control.


  1. Truck-Driver: Holding the ball with a two-handle or two-hand ball grip, rotate the ball side-to-side, as if turning the steering wheel of a truck. Similar to oscillation, extending the arms to increase the lever length will increase the difficulty. Try adding a rear lunge while rotating the ball for even more challenge.

As you get more comfortable with the Kamagon® water actions, explore using each of the water actions with favorite exercises such as the squat, lunge, overhead press, and bent over row. See which water actions provide the most challenge and muscle activation. Finding flow takes a little time but keep practicing. As you begin to master the actions, try new exercises to continue growing your Kamagon® skills!

Alison Galvan has a Masters degree in Kinesiology and works with athletes, college students, kids, older adults, and everything in between. In additional to working as a Hedstrom Fitness Master Trainer, Alison owns EnergyX Fitness in San Antonio, Texas.