The weather is warming up and it’s time to take fitness outdoors . . . and into the pool! Today I’m sharing a pool workout that features the Surge® 3.0 from Hedstrom Fitness.  I like to say it’s double the water, double the fun – it’s an H2O² showdown! The challenge in this workout comes from both the water drag caused by moving yourself about in the pool AND the dynamic water resistance created by water sloshing around inside the Surge®

Pool workouts are unique in that they have a cardiovascular element along with the potential to strengthen all of the major muscle groups while lessening the stress on your skeletal system. Because water is denser that air, every movement is magnified with extra resistance yet provides a forgiving environment for joints, ligaments, muscles and bones. Pool workouts are a smart choice for athletes recovering from injuries, pregnant women, older individuals, or anyone who wants to take a break from a taxing, dry-land training schedule.

While incorporating the Surge® into a pool workout does kick up the challenge and resistance, this training apparatus can be filled with water suitable to meet the ability of each user. For example, the Surge® 3.0, which weighs 4.25 pounds empty, can be filled with water for a max weight up to 23 pounds. You pick the weight and resistance best for you!

So, are you ready to make a splash in your fitness in your fitness routine? Take the dive and this H2O² Pool Workout with three featured water exercises using a Surge® 3.0. To up the cardio and calorie burn of this full-body workout, each set of exercises is followed by high-knee water running. 

Aqua Thruster (with Surge® 3.0)

Instructions: Stand in waist-deep water, feet shoulder width apart. Hold Surge®  with neutral grip, elbows bent, close to the chest. Squat down to submerge most of the chest, and then explosively jump as high as possible while simultaneously extending arms to raise surge overhead.  Return to start and repeat.

Aqua Chopper (with Surge® 3.0)

Instructions: Stand feet together in waist to chest deep water in an athletic stance, knees slightly bent. Hold Surge® in neutral grip with both hands under water on the outer side of the right knee and then swing upward over the left shoulder. Return to start and repeat on the alternating side.

Aqua Core Pushes (with Surge® 3.0)

Instructions: Prop body up on side of pool or high step on forearms, torso facing upward. Place feet into handles of Surge®. Pull knees as far into the chest as possible and then extend torso and push legs straight into an upward plank position. Return to start and repeat.

Jennifer Fisher is an award-winning recipe developer, food & fitness blogger, healthy cooking coach, mom of three young men and elite athlete for 25 years and counting. While she trains to perform her best, Jennifer also recognizes the importance of #keepingfitfun and shares workouts, tips and ideas with this mindset to encourage people of all ages and abilities to start and maintain a “forever” healthy lifestyle. Find more at and @thefitfork on most social media.