Whether you are an athlete, were an athlete, or always wanted to be an athlete, we are all athletes of life. From chasing your kids (or dogs) around the house, to being agile while walking down a busy street, athletic based training can help us be better movers. Using functional equipment to enhance athletic training is common practice and the Surge® Storm or Surge® Riptide are great options. 

For this cardio workout, we’ll work with six different Surge® exercises using two different interval timing options. 

For our first set of drills, we’ll use a standard :30 / :15 x 4 interval format. That means 30 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest for each exercise, completing 4 rounds of the three exercises.

For our second set of drills, we’ll explore a less commonly used interval format :30 / :10 x 3 x 2. That means you’ll perform one exercise for 30 seconds, rest 10 seconds, then repeat the same exercise two more times for 30 / 10 before moving to the next exercise. With this format you’ll only complete two rounds of the three exercises (you can do a third round if you’re really up for a challenge!).

Drill Set #1 - 30 / 15 x 4

Lateral Shuffle

Start with the Surge® placed horizontally on the floor.Standing behind, reach across your body and grip the wide end cap. Laterally shuffle side to side while tilting the Surge® up and over. Increase speed and range of motion when you are comfortable with the movement pattern.

Crash Jack

Holding the Surge® in a neutral handle grip at chest level, jump into a wide squat. Simultaneously push the Surge® away from the body, making the water crash at the end of the motion. Jump back together, reverse the motion and repeat.

Plyo Lunge

Start in a lunge position, holding the Surge® in a neutral handle grip in front of the chest. Trying to keep the water quiet and the Surge® level, jump from one leg to another in a lunge position.


Drill Set #2 – 30 / 10 x 3 x 2

Run Forward Run Back

Start with the Surge® placed horizontally on the floor.Standing next to it, grip the wide end cap of the Surge® then shuffle backwards until it is upright. Turning toward the Surge®, run forward until it is horizontal on the floor again. Repeat, traveling back and forward.


Holding the Surge® in a neutral handle grip at chest level, stand in a wide stance position. Squat down, then drive the legs powerfully upward while thrusting the Surge® overhead until the water crashes at the top.

Multi-Directional Touch Down

Holding the Surge® in a neutral handle grip at chest level, leap laterally from foot to foot in multiple directions. Try to touch one end of the Surge® to the ground with each leap.

These athletic Surge® drills can be added to any workout program or can be done as a complete workout to amp up your training program!


Alison Galvanhas a Masters degree in Kinesiology and works with athletes, college students, kids, older adults, and everything in between. In additional to working as a Hedstrom Fitness and BOSU® Master Trainer, Alison owns EnergyX Fitness in San Antonio, Texas.