Ah…the lazy days of summer are upon us…or are they? The summer season can be extremely busy. The kids are out of school, schedules can get lively with vacations and camps, and you might find your self doing more running around than ever. So how do you find time to fit in your exercise routine when this time of year is anything BUT routine?

The Surge® Storm, or Surge Riptide®, is the answer! Break out of your same old workout this summer, and save your self some time as well. These three exercises will challenge cardio, muscle strength and endurance, as well as balance.

The Surge® Storm and Riptide are unique products that utilize water to not only add weight or resistance but to create an unstable moving mass within a mass. It’s a unique system called Hydro-Inertia®. What does that mean to you? First, the load is easily manipulated by adding or subtracting water. This means you don’t have to store lots fitness products around your house, varying in size or weight. Maybe your sixteen-year-old son or daughter would like it to be a bit heavier -- boom! Just add water. Second, the destabilized load (think water constantly moving) creates the challenge of engaging your entire body, especially the core. Think how much more “bang for your buck” you’ll be getting in a short amount of time!

Add these quick and effective exercises to your day and be on your way out the door to enjoy summer fun! 

Four Count Crash

This movement pattern will challenge both cardio and muscle strength. Stand in a wide stance, holding the neutral handles. Perform 4 alternating uppercuts, feeling the water crash with each rep. Place the Surge® on the floor, and perform a 4-point jump (jump to face side; jump over laterally, jump back over, jump front). To modify, step back and forth over the Surge® instead of jumping. Repeat this combo for 45 - 60 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, then repeat for 3 – 4 sets.

 4, 3, 2, 1

This dynamic combo is designed to challenge muscular strength and endurance, as well as balance. Stand in a wide stance, holding the neutral handles. Perform 4 quick chest presses, feeling the water crash with each rep. Then move on to a forward lunge with 3 alternating twists. In this case, you’ll feel the water dump, and will have to stabilize the lunge with a strong core brace. Complete 2 battering ram moves to one side, and finish with 1 slow, single leg deadlift with the water quiet to challenge your balance and core stability. Alternate sides and repeat on each side 3 - 4 times.

Burpee Battering Ram

Who doesn’t love a great spin on the classic burpee? Stand in a wide stance, holding the neutral handles. Squat and lower the Surge® to the floor, jump or step into plank and perform one burpee. The unique flat sides and neutral grip handles allow for stable execution. Jump or step back to standing and perform 2 alternating battering ram movements, feeling the water crash on each rep. Perform 10 - 15 reps for a great total body exercise.

Remember, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get a great workout. These exercises with keep you moving as well as optimizing time so you can still have lots of summer fun!


Pam Benchley is a Hedstrom Fitness Master Trainer for BOSU®, Kamagon® and Surge®, and a provider of many other workshops including Stages® Indoor Cycling, balance training, and functional/active aging training. Pam currently serves on the faculty at the State University of New York at Fredonia and is a competitive triathlete.