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The Kamagon® Ball was designed to bridge the gap in functional fitness training. Most exercises target only an isolated muscle group and seldom teach the body how to utilize the core. The Kamagon® Ball automatically eliminates both issues. The Kamagon® Ball does more than simply train a group of muscles; it also teaches you how to use your body in the most effective and efficient manner. The Kamagon® Ball is a destabilized weight that uses the principle of Hydro-Inertia to work your muscles while simultaneously training the nervous system. This is a key to strength, speed, and overall fitness.

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Even well conditioned muscles cannot realize their true potential without a thoroughly trained neural system. Muscles never act on their own; they must receive signals from the nerves that branch throughout the entire body. Stability training is a highly effective way to make these signals more efficient and effective.

The nerves will respond much like the muscles to training, adapting to the demands imposed on them and becoming better suited to physical movements. The result is a stronger, more fit, you. Everyone can and should benefit from this type of training. The Kamagon® Ball will help you take the first step on the journey to becoming a happier, healthier, you.

Hydro-Inertia™ is the utilization of water to create an unstable resistance that increases core strength and stability during exercise. The majority of instability products currently on the market are primarily used as a base that you sit, stand, or lay down on.

By utilizing Hydro-Inertia™ technology in the Kamagon® Ball, you take away the limitations that are found in products that are limited to postural instability. With the Kamagon® Ball you are able to work instability throughout a full range of motion in routines that engage your entire body.

The efficiency of Hydro-Inertia™ resistance mimics real life situations far more than static weights such as dumbbells or kettle bells do. This is not only important for athletes in their functional training programs. When you play with your children or grandchildren, you are not picking up static weights. When a wrestler or Mixed Martial Artist picks up another person they are battling against unstable resistance.

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