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Surge® Storm 60 Affiliate 4 Pack



Take your training to the next level with the SURGE® Storm 60. Training your stabilizers is essential to increasing PRs and there are few products better made to train your stabilizers than the SURGE® Storm 60. The Strom 60 utilizes water as its source of weight, creating a top-down instability training, which causes you to work muscles you never knew you had. The dynamic resistance causes your muscles to adjust and react like they do in life. Lifting a bag of mulch, hanging a ladder up in the garage, shoveling snow, all are movements of life, the Storm 60 simulates that as the water moves within the strategically placed angles. The Storm 60’s weight can be adjusted from 9 pounds to 60 pounds when fully filled with water; it’s completely adjustable depending on how much weight is added. Save 20% off of MSRP when you order the Affiliate Package for your gym. Includes 4 Surge® Storm 60. Ships FREE.

Get visual feedback on form: Overhead Squats, deadlifts, and other Olympic lifts. You’ll instantly know your weak spots in your form, as the water will shift to your weak points. It’s a coach’s dream; your clients will “get it”.

Increase your PR: Improved stability at the joints responsible for a complex lift (e.g., squat, deadlift, clean, bench press) will increase one’s ability to lift heavier weight. Period.

Reduce Injuries: Greater stabilizing function, coordination, better form result in fewer injuries.


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