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Innovative Fitness Solutions


Hedstrom Fitness acquired the manufacturing, license and marketing rights to both the SURGE® and Kamagon® Ball in 2013. All Hedstrom Fitness products are manufactured by the sister division, Hedstrom Plastics based in Ashland, Ohio. Proudly made in the USA.

These Hydro-Inertia® products utilize water to create unstable resistance and a moving mass within a mass. Hydro-Inertia® is created by actively loading an exercise with the shifting resistance of water. This “top-down” instability and dynamic fluid resistance training provides a unique challenge to the body, especially in the core, and delivers benefits to all fitness levels from beginners to elite athletes.

The original SURGE® Hydro Training product, created by Texas firefighter Cory Jones, was developed out of a need to replicate the physical demands of first responders. Cory realized that the majority of time spent in physical preparation for fighting fires emphasized movements and exercises performed in a balanced, stable and symmetrical manner. However, in the occupational environment the majority of resistance encountered by these individuals is in a continuous state of change, such as pulling a victim to safety, or reacting to the nozzle pressure on a fire hose. Consequently, Cory saw a need to train using a dynamic form of resistance to recreate the demands he and his co-workers experienced on a daily basis. This style of training translates exceptionally well to the real world activities of daily life, fitness and sport.

Building off the original SURGE® product, Hedstrom Fitness has repositioned the brand in 2018. Hedstrom Fitness remains the parent company and SURGE® is now the brand that includes a “hydro” line of products with the SURGE® Storm Hydro Trainer and SURGE® Hydro Ball (previously Kamagon Ball). The brand will also be adding other product lines to the portfolio in the near future.


The SURGE® core philosophy: Science based expert training that transfers to life and sport via scalable and versatile fitness tools. SURGE® products, education and programming are grounded in evidence and based on science. They are practical, application-oriented and encompass the essence of our philosophy. 

SURGE® Education and Training will continue to expand, shape and define functional training, what it can accomplish and the positive ways it can impact the human body.


2019 celebrates the launch of SURGE® Performance Academy, the professional education arm of the brand, with three new, 4-hour blocks of education. These continuing education accredited courses will be available in major markets across the U.S. and internationally, and form the foundation for new SURGE® curriculum.

The curriculum concept is that each new course builds upon previous courses. This is the “thread” that runs throughout SURGE® Performance Academy. The structure is based on having a Foundations 101 course where subsequent specialty 201, 202, etc. courses can be layered. The Foundations course will serve as the prerequisite to the specialties. It’s imperative to understand the core principles and methodologies in the 101 course before advancing into the specialties. They will build upon each other, and have logical interconnected pathways.

We continue the SURGE® Performance Academy and curriculum approach by using an academia system to codify accomplishments. Foundations course graduates will join us as Alumni. They can advance through the levels of Associates, Bachelors, and Masters. Each level will include deeper discounts and benefits for Alumni.

We’re excited to see you in a future course very soon. Together we’ll create brilliant experiences that are rooted in science, full of relevant application, and above all, FUN!

Elevate your fitness education with SURGE® Performance Academy and together we will live our purpose -- to bring best in class professional education experiences to the global fitness market.